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Latest 2010 HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition Review Plus Limited Time Offer!


The HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition, outfitted with the new Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, is a compact entertainment machine ready to handle just about any task put before it. Starting at just $1,000, the dv6t provides the same essential components that make its siblings so amazing, but is light enough to afford comfortable traveling.

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The HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition utilizes the Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM, and is controlled by the new Windows 7 (64-bit) Home Premium Edition. If you’re a gamer, entertainment enthusiast or a media mogul, the dv6t Quad Edition is a great choice for you, especially when you consider the added power and speed that the i7 processor provides. Never again will have to suffer through long startup and shutdown times and you’ll surely notice an immediate improvement in system performance when you upgrade to this machine from a single- or dual-core processor. For storing all of your media, software and data, there’s even a hard drive that is expandable to one terabyte of storage space.

Pure Beauty

The HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition is equipped with a beautifully designed 15.6-inch LED backlit display with a native resolution of 1366×768. When used in conjunction with the Nvidia GeForce GT 230M graphics card, which comes standard with the Pavilion Quad Edition laptops, the display provides extremely fluid playback of data-intense video, renders 3D video game graphics flawlessly and has a very deep color spectrum. The LED backlight supports everything by providing just the right light level for any situation.

The controls on the HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition are slightly different from other Quad Edition machines, featuring a sleek, semi-gloss black keyboard and a semi-gloss touchpad and buttons. The keyboard is solid to the touch and has a good amount of “click” when you press the keys. In what is slightly unusual for a laptop of its size, the dv6t Quad Edition also features a full number pad on the right for data entry and advanced gaming controls. The touchpad is smooth to the touch and responds very well to pressure.

Communication is Key

HP is famous for its integrated communications technology and the Pavilion dv6t is no different. Choose from an Intel Wireless G-Card or an Intel Wireless N-Card, each of which is also available with a Bluetooth chip. There is even an integrated Verizon Wireless V740 mobile broadband card for high-speed on-the-go connections; just activate it and you’re ready to go.

For all of your peripherals the HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition features four USB ports and optional Bluetooth. To transfer mass amounts of data at high speed there’s an integrated FireWire port and for accessing and burning your precious media there’s an integrated 5-in-1 card reader, as well as an internal DVD-R or BluRay optical drive, each of which is capable of burning dual-layer DVDs. Any way you look at it, the dv6t features many different media access tools that are simply never found on machines in this range. There’s even an optional integrated HDTV television tuner.

On-The-Go Power

When you want to enjoy unplugged control of your dv6t Quad Edition just unplug the A/C adapter and the standard six-cell Lithium Ion battery will do the rest. Capable of powering your machine for up to four hours, the six-cell battery should be enough if you’re not going to be far from an outlet on a regular basis. If you are planning on a trip to the middle of nowhere then opt for the 12-cell Lithium Ion battery. It’s large, but it can provide up to nine hours of life to your machine.

The HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition feels solid when you hold it in your hands; at just over six pounds the machine is not terribly heavy. It’s available in white or black, both of which feature a semi-gloss finish with a geometric pattern inlay. Inside, the semi-gloss keyboard is beautiful to the eyes but may be distracting in bright sun. Overall, it’s very well designed.

HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition Specs

Processor: Intel Core i7-720QM(1.6GHz) to Intel Core i7-820QM(1.73GHz)

Memory: 3GB RAM (8GB Max)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit); Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

Hard Drive: 250GB; 320GB; 500GB

Optical Drive: DVD-R/BluRay; DVD-R

Display: 15.6″ diagonal HD+ High-Definition Widescreen Display (1366 x 768)

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT230M

Battery: 6-Cell; 12-Cell

Ports: 4 USB; Ethernet; Headphone Output; Microphone Input; HDMI; 5-in-1 Card Reader; Lock Slot; FireWire

Size: 12.1” x 9.87” x 1.37-1.5”

Weight: 6.34 LBS

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HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition – Our Advice

Want a powerful entertainment machine without having to lug around twelve pounds of gear with you every time you go somewhere? Then the HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition is the machine for you. It’s light enough to comfortably take on the road and its processing package is strong enough to handle all of the same high-definition movies and 3D games as the dv7t and the dv8t. Plus, the low starting price just can’t be beat for a machine with this much to offer.


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